Marco Taylor is a  self -publishing portuguese picturebook author. He writes and illustrates his books.

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The man who carried rocks  €15 - free shipping 

48 pages | 16 x 16 cm | hardcover | colour | ISBN 9789892058085 | Portuguese | Ages: 6 - 12

The delightful story of a man who happily carried rocks on his back. Each rock is a problem. One day he doesn’t show up at the village and people inquire where he is. At home in bed he says he can’t resist, he is going to die. People call a priest and a doctor but they couldn’t help him. When everyone gives up, a boy stays and talks to him. The man gets better.


Portuguese version sneak peek 



The deaf girl and her cats €15 - free shipping 

A 3D book | 48 pages | 16 x 16 cm | hardcover | colour | ISBN 9789899961906  | Portuguese | Ages: 6 - 12

Carolina is born without voice and people think she is deaf. Small animals seem to hear her so she is always surrounded by cats. One day the son of the new doctor meets her and makes a fabulous discovery. She is not deaf! When she talks the words fall down onto the floor. «Your words have weight» he said. Weight = important.


Portuguese version sneak peek



Abílio  €15 - free shipping | Deluxe version (100 numbered books, hand-coloured and handbound, cloth hardcover screen printing €49 - free shipping)

Silent book | 56 pages | 13,5 x 16 cm | hardcover | colour | ISBN 9789892063829 | Portuguese/English | Ages: 4 - 7

A kid daydreamed: he didn´t want to be here but there. One day he was forced to come down. He didn´t want it and became sad. Later he vanished. People said he had higher dreams.



€15 - free shipping 

Silent book | 40 pages | hardcover | Colour |  13,5 x 16 cm | Portuguese/English | Ages: 4 - 7

Rosinda was distracted by the things of life and often was late for her appointments.

Deluxe version (100 numbered books, riso printing, handbound, cloth hardcover screen printing €20 - free shipping)



The boy who knew the man who carried rocks €15 - free shipping 

48 pages | hardcover | 16 cm x 16 cm  | colour | ISBN: 978-989-99619-1-3 | ages: +9

The boy who knew the man who
carried rocks
48 pages, hardcover, 16 cm x 16 cm, offset 2 colour print


«O homem coração de choupo»